luni, 5 septembrie 2016

FInding a good virtual tour provider

Well... it was quite the hassle to find a good virtual tour provider - as there are a lot of software solutions out there that are bragging about functionality, about performance, about a lot of things that they can do, but  in fact they really lack quality, as those features are very simplistic in most cases and while you are expecting a very nice software solution, you are in fact going to get some garbage piece of software.

Now - after 2 months of research for the real estate company where I a working for I have to say that I have really found the best virtual tour provider that money can buy.

The name of this software solution is Tour Wizard and it can do alll the necessary things + soe online marketing functions that come as a big bonus:

- Best Interactive Full-Screen Virtual Tours
- 100% Search Engine Optimized & Mobile ready
- Compatible with all modern browsers
- Extended Property Information System
- Multiple Photo Galleries
- Background Music
- Automated QR Codes

- Nice Maps, Amenities & Street View
- Spherical & Cylindrical Panoramas with Hotspots
- Open House Schedule
- Videos & YouTube Linkage
- Agent Branding - if needed

- Branded, Non-branded, Compliant and Standalone Tour Versions
- Contact Form & Email Lead System
- Virtual Tour Attachments
- In-depth Traffic Tracking

So I definitely have to recommend this piece of software for anyone that needs a 3d virtual tour solution.

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